Here's where you can grab this new Utica-themed drink and donut combo at the Great New York State Fair.

When it comes to our Central New York staple foods, we know exactly where to grab the best-of-the-best in town. That goes for tomato pie, chicken riggies... and of course our favorite half moon cookies.

But what if I told you there's a new "half moon" you've yet to try?

Utica Coffee Roasting Company via Facbook
Utica Coffee Roasting Company via Facbook

The Sweet Thing

It's A Utica Thing! and Utica Coffee Roasting Company are excited to announce their new delicious and exclusive drink. They call it the Sweet Thing.

This cold brew is poured fresh off the tap, swirled with vanilla & chocolate, and topped with a Half Moon inspired donut from Glazed and Confused in Syracuse.

If you have a 'CNY Sweet Tooth', then this is the treat for you. Half moon cookies are good, but a donut will take that flavor combo to a whole new level. Pair it with a savory cold brew, and now you're in heaven.

Where is it? Well that's the catch.

Credit - It's A Utica Thing via Facebook
Credit - It's A Utica Thing via Facebook

A New York State Fair Exclusive

If you want this delectable treat, then you'll have to head to Syracuse for it. The Sweet Thing is being EXCLUSIVELY sold at the New York State Fair this year, in the It's A Utica Thing! food truck. Just look for the giant Exit 31 sign.

Is this drink/donut duo going to stick around for good? We sure hope so. But by the sounds of it, that's not going to be the case. So go get one while it still lasts!

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