Devastating news that makes you wonder... could it have been prevented?

DEC Forest Rangers are always quick to respond when they get a call from 911 Dispatch. From daring rope rescues to swimming hospital patients, they will do everything they can to save a person in distress.

But in some rare situations, there's really nothing they can do to help.


Hiker in Discomfort

A group of hikers were recently hiking on the Diamond Notch Trail in the Hunter-West Kill Wilderness, when one of the members said they were in discomfort. The 50-year-old from New Jersey complained of "chest discomfort and breathing issues", before the unimaginable happened.

He collapsed on the ground and became unresponsive.

Other members of the group began CPR while another hiker called 911. Two nearby EMT's came to help, taking over the CPR and doing everything they could to bring man back to life. Sadly, their efforts were unsuccessful.

Credit - Google Maps
Credit - Google Maps

What Happens Next?

This is when Forest Rangers Allwine and Seeley were called in. They were asked to help other first responders in getting the man's body out of the woods. Working together, they carried the subject to the trailhead. He was then turned over to the coroner.

With more people visiting State lands and enjoying New York's myriad, world-class outdoor recreational opportunities, DEC's Forest Rangers are on the front lines to help visitors get outside responsibly and get home safely... - DEC Commissioner Seggos

Though his cause of death is not being announced, a freak accident can happen anywhere at anytime. About 50% of all hiking fatalities are from sudden cardiac arrest, which can happen in the blink of an eye.

patrickheagney from Getty Images Signature
patrickheagney from Getty Images Signature

A very similar incident happened to a man hiking alone last month in Otsego County.

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It's always important to hike with other people. If not, let others know where you are hiking and what time you plan to return. That way if you're ever in danger, you'll have someone come to your rescue before it's too late.

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