This will have to go down as one of the strangest rescues of all time.

When you're a Forest Ranger, you can get a call at any time of the day. Doesn't matter if you're sleeping or not... if someone is in danger, your job is to save the day.

The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation was recently called to a potentially dangerous situation in the Town of Shandaken. Ray Brook Dispatch told Forest Ranger Russell Martin he needed to get to Mount Tremper quickly in order to save a hiker in danger. But this was no routine rescue.

Malmak from pixabay
Malmak from pixabay

An Alarming Call

By 3:10am, Ranger Martin was able to make phone contact with the 36-year-old from Connecticut. The man claimed he got into a fight with his hiking partner, and now felt he was "being hunted like in Predator". While trying to escape, he twisted his ankle and was unable to walk.

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Ranger Martin called in back-up, bringing in three more Forest Rangers with a 6-wheeler to the mountain. They eventually found the hiker at 5:50am, who was asleep on the trail. The man's companion, a 31-year-old from Beacon, was also found shortly after in the Mount Tremper lean-to.

After interviewing both hikers, there was a clear answer to the story.


Drugs & Alcohol

As it turns out, both hikers were significantly under the influence. Forest Rangers determined it was a mixture of both drugs and alcohol that lead to the original altercation.

Both hikers were taken in and looked at by Shankdaken EMS. It's unknown if they are facing any charges.

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What IS known is how dangerous drugs and alcohol can be while hiking. Accidents can happen at any time in the outdoors, and being impaired only heightens the potential for something to go wrong. Be smart when going out for a hike and consider others.

Though you're in the middle of no-where, that means it'll take even more effort to come save you if something happens.

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