Thanks to Mother Nature, the Ice Castles won't be back in Upstate New York this winter.

The famous Ice Castles have been a huge hit in Lake George for the past two winters when they finally opened, but the mild temperatures cut the seasons short. Last year it was only open for less than two months.

Unfortunately, the weather for the past two years for all of the company's Ice Castles locations did not cooperate. Ice Castles in Lake George was unable to open until February.

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Credit - Ice Castles via Facebook
Credit - Ice Castles via Facebook

Ice Castles Turn Into Winter Wonderland

This winter there won't be any Ice Castles. Instead, the Charles R. Wood Park in Lake George will be transformed into a Winter Wonderland, an attraction that won't rely as much on cold temperatures and specific conditions.

The plan for this upcoming winter season for Charles R. Wood Park in Lake George is an ice rink with light installations, ice sculptures, and igloos.

Since the Winter Wonderland won't be as dependent on Mother Nature, it could open as early as November or December this year.

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Yelizaveta Tomashevska/Think Stock
Yelizaveta Tomashevska/Think Stock

Ice Castles Across Country

The famous Ice Castles are also in Utah, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and New Hampshire. No word on whether or not they'll open in any of the other 4 cities for the upcoming winter season.

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