This has to be the craziest traffic stop these officers have ever been a part of.

New York State Police are always on patrol, especially when it comes to monitoring our most popular roadways. Sometimes they'll have an insane call or incident they will remember forever.

This was definitely one of those cases.

Police lights by night

Failure to Comply

State Police in Hastings were recently called in to assist a Central Square Police Officer at Exit 31 on Interstate 81. The driver, 58-year-old John Morrison II of Pennellville, refused to pull over for the officer, forcing him to call in reinforcements.

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Troopers were quick to respond, helping chase Morrison for several miles heading south on I-81. They were about to reach Exit 30, when the driver pulled his car over erratically to the side of the road.

This is when the story got crazier.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Man on the Run

Shortly after parking his car, Morrison sprang from his car and ran away on foot. Troopers quickly did the same, parking their vehicles and chasing him wherever he went. They continued to ask him to comply, but he refused.

Morrison finally stopped when Troopers used their taser. Officials say he gave in, was taken into custody and placed under arrest.

Now, you'd think the craziness was over right? Strap in... there's even more.

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Darkdiamond67 from Getty Images
Darkdiamond67 from Getty Images

Feeling the Heat

Shortly after the suspect was placed into custody, Morrison's engine compartment caught on fire in his vehicle. Though this caught everyone by surprise, Troopers were quick to extinguish the fire.

Not only did Morrison's reckless driving endanger everyone on the road, but the car could have done even more damage if not caught in time.

Troopers charged John Morrison II (58) with the following:

  • Felony DWI (two previous convictions within 10 years), class “D” felony
  • Felony DWAI-Drugs (two previous convictions within 10 years), class “D” felony
  • Aggravated Unlicensed Operation, class “E” felony
  • Reckless Endangerment 2nd degree, class “A” misdemeanor
  • Reckless Driving, an unclassified misdemeanor

He was then arraigned at Oswego County Jail by authorities.

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