There's no better way to put a smile on a stranger's face than with a random act of kindness. Just ask Frank!

Credit - Barbara Parisi - Lambright via Facebook
Credit - Barbara Parisi - Lambright via Facebook

Friday, February 17th is National Random Acts of Kindness Day... and one local business owner is already spreading the love. You would know too if you were recently at Holland Farms.

Frank Mastrovito of Mastrovito Hyundai took time out of his busy day to pay for everyone's order at Holland Farms on Valentine's Day. It caught many people by surprise, just like Barbara Parisi. But it still made her day!

Right now it's a luxury to go to the bakery for so many people. Just imagine a mom wants to buy a few jelly buns... putting aside $10 or more for the treats and she's told her bill is paid!

It's all part of Mastravito Hyundai's "Random Acts of Kindness" going on this February. They are dedicating a portion of their sales this month to go help the American Heart Association. But apparently the acts don't stop there.

It's the Little Things!

Frank's kindness at Holland Farms touched so many families, inspiring them to do the same to others.

What a wonderful gesture... most of us just don't experience this type of kindness, but today I did along with so many others.

A little goes a long way. Just the smallest gesture can make a bad day better for someone else. Take inspiration from Frank and spread love your own way this month!

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