What started as a congratulation, turned into a police confrontation real quick.

Upstate New York hunters have been excited this year to go out every morning for hunting season. Though the weather has been inconsistent, it hasn't stopped them from doing what they love.

While sometimes hunters might spend an entire morning without seeing anything, others have the strange luck of seeing multiple in one day. That's what happened to one hunter in Wayne County.

White-Tailed Deer Buck

This hunter had a big day during the Southern Zone's opening of the big game firearm season, taking down two deer within 30 minutes of one another.

Like any spouse, the hunter's wife was extremely proud of him. So proud that she took to social media to share her husband's success. She took a picture of him and his two bucks and posted it online.

Though this seemed like an amazing accomplishment, there was one problem. What he did was illegal.

Majestic white-tailed buck filled with confidence

While there might be some licenses that allow you to take more than one buck in a day, this isn't the case during gun season. New York hunters are limited to one tag per day for antlered deer during this time of year.

The rules still applied to this hunter, who ended up getting reported because of his wife's post online. Two DEC Environmental Conservation Officers showed up to his door and the hunter admitted to what he did.

Credit - NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
Credit - NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

Instead of wasting the second deer shot, the officers confiscated it and donated the meat to a local church. This way the meat can still go to good use.

It's unfortunate to take away a successful day in the woods for a hunter, but the rules are there for a reason. At least he didn't lie and owned up to the choice he made.

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