A simple gesture can go a long way and it's why one UPS delivery driver in New York is the hero of Christmas this year.

UPS delivery drivers may wear brown, but you'll find a cape under some of those uniforms. You just have to look close enough to see it.

Christmas Packages

The number of packages skyrocket during the holidays, especially with more people ordering online than ever before. And someone has to deliver all those packages.

Many delivery drivers are working long hours over the Christmas season to make sure all the packages arrive in time for the big day. Some drop them on the porch and move on to the next stop, sometimes leaving them in the snow and rain. Others go the extra mile.

UPS Driver, package delivery
Credit- maarten-van-den-heuvel/Unsplahs

Hero of the Holidays

One UPS driver in Saratoga Springs, New York went above and beyond to make sure several packages didn't get destroyed, ruining Christmas for one family.

The driver noticed several Amazon packages getting wet in the rainy weather. After dropping off his packages, the man gathered the 6 other packages and moved them to the covered porch, out of the rain.

ups driver moves packages out of rain, ups driver goes above and beyond, NY UPS driver moves packages, hero UPS driver
Credit- Two Buttons Deep/Facebook

Simple Gesture Goes Long Way

What may seem like a small gesture is a huge deal to the family whose packages would've been ruined in the wet weather.

Thank you to this and every delivery driver for going above and beyond during the holidays. You're extra effort is greatly appreciated!

Watch the viral video and remember to thank a delivery driver this season.

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