If you're going to break the law you should probably make sure there are no cameras around.

Three hunters are facing a number of charges after getting caught using heavily baited antler traps.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) spent weeks investigating three hunters who were illegally feeding and hunting deer on railroad property in Erie County.

Several Previous Warnings

Conservation Officers worked with a CSX Railroad Police Special Agent and Norfolk Southern Railroad Special Agent, to identify the three subjects who has been warned about trespassing and hunting the area on previous occasions.

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They claimed to be shed antler hunting. That's where hunters search for antlers that are naturally shed in the woods, which is legal in New York State. 

Trail Cams Tell Different Story

However, eyewitnesses and trail cameras told a different story. All three were seen entering railroad property on multiple occasions dating back several months.

They were captured using heavily baited “antler traps” to loosen deer antlers while bucks were feeding, which is illegal.

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Credit - NYS DEC
Credit - NYS DEC

Several tickets Issued

All three were issued a number of tickets for trespassing, unlawfully and intentionally feeding deer, placing salt licks for deer, and the unlawful discarding of solid waste.

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