Who needs the fair when you can wake up to a sweet cup of this every morning.

There are so many unique coffee shops across New York State, but there is really only one like Utica Coffee Roasting Company. They are always coming up with fun new coffee blends and drink concoctions to show off their creativity.

But their latest blend has caught everyone's attention.

Credit - Utica Coffee Roasting Company
Credit - Utica Coffee Roasting Company

A Taste of Fall

Head to any Utica Coffee location to try out their brand new Caramel Apple flavor. It combines your favorite fair food treat and caffeine addiction together, just in time for apple picking season.

A new way to enjoy a classic fall flavor combo 🍎 Introducing Caramel Apple! Rich and buttery caramel meets crisp, juicy and sweet New York Apples

Imagine drinking a cup of this coffee in one hand, with a fresh apple cider donut in the other. Delicious! But you'll have to try it for yourself to find out.

Utica Coffee Roasting Company via Facebook
Utica Coffee Roasting Company via Facebook

Other Tasty Flavors

Utica Coffee isn't shy when coming up with their own uniquely bold flavors.

Of course they caught everyone's eye back in 2022 when they teased their "April Fools Flavors", including Chicken Riggies, Tomato Pie and Utica Greens. To take the joke even further, they actually released the blends for a limited time earlier this year.

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They took this past summer by storm with their new "Neapolitan Dream" blend, bringing the sweet taste of ice cream to your coffee cup. Other fun flavors still in stock include Half Moon, Cannoli, French Toast and even Adirondack Blueberry.

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