Here's a sweet treat to taste a little bit of summer in your morning cup of coffee.

Who said you can't have ice cream for breakfast? Well for all those "nay-sayers", you know have a compromise to satisfy your sweet tooth and morning caffeine cravings. All without looking crazy at your work!

Credit - Utica Coffee Roasting Company
Credit - Utica Coffee Roasting Company

Neapolitan Dreams - Utica Coffee Roasting Company

Not one, but three of your favorite ice cream flavors have been mixed into one delicious new coffee blend. Utica Coffee is BEYOND excited to announce their newest coffee flavor concoction, hoping it helps you dive head-first into summer.

Give it a try and you'll be screaming for more!

Utica Coffee Roasting Co. has never shied away from exciting coffee ideas. Even what last year started as a joke, Chicken Riggies and Tomato Pie Coffee, turned into reality this year. Because... why not?


This new flavor combination does spark some questions for me however.

First, what does it even taste like? It's not just the one flavor, it's all of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate mixed together. I was always a fan of eating each separately when I got Neapolitan ice cream. Whether that makes me a psycho or not, what do all three taste like mashed into one, adding coffee on top of it?

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Also... it's dairy free right? DUMB question, but if you're lactose intolerant and have been forced to watch all your friends enjoy ice cream without being in pain... you gotta know this before pouring a cup.

If the answer is what I think it is, then game on! Pre-order me 10 bags and we are good to go.

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