A baby fox has been seen roaming around Rome, New York.

Dennis Grimaldi spotted the little guy as he was driving by. "He's itching like a dog."

The baby looked like he had an itch he just couldn't reach, rolling around in the road.

Same Fox Different Day

Grimaldi isn't the only one who spotted the baby. Tracy Yaletchko-Weimer saw what looks like the same fox.

Credit - Tracy Yaletchko-Weimer via Facebook
Credit - Tracy Yaletchko-Weimer via Facebook

Fox at Night

Foxes are normally nocturnal, coming out at night to hunt.

Direk Dantzler has seen what could be the same fox nearly every night outside his house.

Credit - Direk Dantzler via Facebook
Credit - Direk Dantzler via Facebook

Baby Foxes

Fox babies, often called kits or kittens, start to get out and explore the outside world when they begin eating solid food. Mom leaves it at the opening of a cave to help them prepare for independence, according to Learn About Nature.

Babies stay with their families until about six months. They are not left to go out on their own until they are fully developed.

No matter how cute baby foxes look, they do not make very good pets.

It is impossible to make them potty trained. They will stink and be extremely temperamental.

Foxes are wild animals and need to live in their natural habitat, not inside your home. The Fennec Fox is the only member of the Fox family you can actually legally own in New York State. They are very curious, always getting into things, and love digging.

From the looks of things, this little guy in Rome is on the hunt for food, day and night. You may want to make sure your trash is secure and there's no other food left out in your yard. Otherwise, you'll be seeing this fox too.

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