An Albany man is facing several charges following an incident at the Dick's Sporting Goods location at the Sangertown Square mall in New Hartford.

Biting a Police Officer

New Hartford Police say an officer was called to the sporting goods store on Seneca Turnpike Wednesday at approximately 5 p.m. for a reported larceny in progress. Police say over $3,000 worth of merchandise was allegedly stolen from the location.


When the officer arrived, he was able to identify the suspect fleeing on foot from the store's parking lot. Allegedly, the suspect was observed carrying the stolen goods in his arms.

Police say the officer took off in hot pursuit of the individual and was finally able to grab Miller. As he attempted to detain the suspect, officials say Miller turned and bit the officer on his shoulder.

As a result, the assailant began to flee again and the officer resorted to deploying his taser to subdue Miller. Ultimately, the officer was able to get the suspect into custody.

Photo Courtesy of New Hartford Police via Facebook
Photo Courtesy of New Hartford Police via Facebook

Police say they arrested 28-year-old Tyrze Q. Miller of Albany, NY, and charged him with the following:

  • Grand Larceny in The Fourth Degree, a Class E Felony
  • Two Counts of Assault in The Second Degree, a Class D Felony
  • Resisting Arrest, a Class A Misdemeanor

As for the bitten officer, whose identity remains unknown at this time, he was transported to Wynn Hospital to treat his injuries and has since been released.

More Charges for Miller

Police say Miller was also charged with a Parole Violation for this incident. Authorities say the suspect had been under parole supervision since May for charges stemming from the Capitol Region.


Miller was transported to Oneida County Jail and will answer the charges at a later date.

He will face other disciplinary actions based on his warrant issued from The New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision for the parole violation.

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