A department chain that once had over 4,000 locations worldwide has closed the last-standing store in the New York area.

Shrinking Since 2014

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It was once the great American tradition to hand kids a Sears Christmas Wishbook shopping catalogue and ask them to circle all the items they wanted. That holiday practice has all but ended due to a rise in online retailers and children being served targeted ads on social media.

For those who were lucky enough to flip through the pages of a Sears Christmas Wishbook, you can take a quick walk down memory lane with this page-to-page video from 1992.

What was once America's largest retailer, Sears has all but faded into the distant past.

At its peak in 2011, the department store giant reportedly had over 4,000 locations operating across the globe. In New York, the retailer had roughly 60 locations statewide with two brick-and-mortar locations in New Hartford alone.

Sears also made several commercials that played so much on television, people can still recite them verbatim - like this air conditioner spot that ran in the 1990s.

But by 2014, with the rise of chains like Target and Walmart alongside the growing popularity of Amazon Prime, Sears shuttered roughly half of its portfolio. Four years later, the giant filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

By 2018, the once-thriving chain operated just 21 locations in the Empire State, according to data from CNBC. Then, in 2019, Transformco acquired the retailer and began the liquidation process, causing multiple stores to start closing their doors.

Just five years after the major sale, only 12 Sears stores remain in America with one in Puerto Rico. No stores remain within driving distance for New Yorkers, as the last area store just shut down for good this year.

Road Trip to Braintree?

Sears Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection
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After a long run, the Sears in the Newport Centre Mall closed its doors forever after hosting a "Blowout Event" and putting up "Everything Must Go!" signs.

Shoppers could snatch up deeply discounted items with some items being sold for 70 percent off sticker price.

According to a report from Patch, a Dave & Buster's and discount clothing store Primark are moving into the former Sears location.

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For those wanting to satisfy the itch to shop at Sears, they will now have to drive to Braintree, Massachusetts.  That is the only remaining location in the Northeast.

The only other states to still have a Sears are Washington, California, Texas and Florida, according to ScrapeHero.

There are four stores in California, three in Florida, two in Washington, and one the states of Texas, Massachusetts and the territory of Puerto Rico.

Other Retailers Going Extinct

Kmart To Close 64 Of Its Stores
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Sears is just one of many powerhouse stores that have shut down operations in recent years. Economists blame shifting consumer behavior, inflation, and the economy for causing so many chains to bite the dust.

Kmart was another major retailer that has all but vanished in the United States. Meanwhile, every single Christmas Tree Shop went belly up last year.

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