If you recently shopped on Amazon Prime, you might want to make sure the item you just ordered isn't under a massive recall.

With constant recalls affecting products from cinnamon to cars, Amazon is rolling out a brand new feature that is going over really well with customers.

This feature is the "Your Recalls and Product Safety Alerts" page, which lists all reported recalls affecting the products the platform sells. The concept was to provide Amazon shoppers an easy way to make sure there are no hidden dangers or ticking time bombs in their home.

Here's a handful of items that are currently on this extensive recall list.

10 Amazon Products Under Recall or Safety Alerts in New York

Amazon has a new feature that alerts customers of all recalls and safety alerts affecting products in their store. Here's 10 items that have recently been included in this list.

Gallery Credit: Amazon

Amazon updates its list as soon as a new recall is announced and will also alert shoppers who purchased an affected item with instructions on how to return, repair, or obtain a refund on the product.

People can log into their Amazon account to find a personalized list of any recalls or product safety alerts affecting items they have purchased.

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Amazon explained they are able to continually update their list is because they have a working team that closely monitors for alerts. Amazon also collaborates with its vendors and sellers, who can directly contact them about an issue.

Upon discovering a product recall, we immediately halt affected product offerings, and promptly inform both customers and sellers involved about the recall.

It should be noted this feature only involves products sold on the retail platform, so you will be unable to see if an item you purchased through Walmart or another retailer on this website.

While people are entitled to their opinions about Amazon, you have to admit this is a very useful feature. Have you ever purchased something that was recalled? Let us know by shouting us out using the station app's chat feature.

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