New York State Trooper and amazing singer Tom Nitti abruptly and unexpectedly left NBC's The Voice on Monday night and it wasn't because he was voted off. Nitti told WIBX's Keeler in the Morning Show on Tuesday that it was a very difficult decision.

Nitti said it was his choice to leave the program and while the decision was incredibly difficult, it was also one of the easiest decisions of his life. "I will always put my kids first," Nitti said.

"Long story short, my kids come first...and there are some ugly people in the world and you know you gotta kinda just keep your head up and keep pushing forward... and choices and decisions and picking the right path has to ultimately be in the forefront and obviously, as I said at the end of the day, my kids always, always come first," Nitti told WIBX's Keeler. Nitti is the father of two young children, daughter and son Rayleigh and Brently, according to his post on Facebook.

"I’ve been posting all over the place, I got a new girlfriend and she’s amazing. She’s kept everything going for me for sure. I guess it’s family issues," he said on the radio.  "I could say I am currently going through a divorce and so that that’s where we’re at, and like I said I had to make tough decisions and that being one of them."

In a Facebook post Nitti said, "I'm super pumped to keep on keepin' on with music, my kids Rayleigh and Brently my whole family to include my smoking' girlfriend who keeps my head held high...I'm more than ready to continue to live life happier than ever before."  Nitti references his new girlfriend as @AshleyBryantOfficial on Facebook, who is singer/songwriter Ashley Bryant formerly of Louisville, Kentucky.

Nitti praised everyone at The Voice and NBC, explaining how wonderful they were to him and how supportive they have been. However, he said the decision to leave had everything to do with his personal life.

In addition to being a singer-songwriter and performer, Nitti, who is from Frankfort in Upstate New York, is also a New York State Trooper.

Nitti was first selected on The Voice by Reba McEntire and when he was in jeopardy of leaving the show just a few weeks ago, he was saved by Gwen Stefani, and then stolen back by Reba. This week, the move to exit the program came as a complete surprise to viewers around the country and throughout Central New York. Nitti said he completely appreciates the staff at The Voice, the judges, and in particular, Reba.

"She is as genuine as you can imagine on TV...that’s how she is and she reached out to say hey how are you - Just wanna make sure everything‘s good and she knows the whole backstory on everything and she understands...and like I said ultimately, it was a hard decision, but it was also the easiest decision I had to make, because at the end of the day I gotta make sure the kids are all squared away and good to go," he said.

Check out the interview with Nitti from Tuesday, November 28, 2023 with Keeler below:

Video of Tom Nitti from NBC's The Voice:

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