The Starbucks in New Hartford is temporarily closed for renovation purposes and people are literally losing their minds. I do understand that they have a good assortment of beverages, but there are plenty of incredible options out there. There are also two more Starbucks locations in the area.

You see, I understand that people love their specific brand, flavor or caffeinated concoctions, but each of the other cafes are guaranteed to still have a comparable drink to what Starbucks may offer.

There are also an assortment of LOCAL coffee shops you can support in the interim while the New Hartford Starbucks is under renovation, as one disgruntled Facebook user said, only a short time after it has originally opened. It's rumored that the Starbucks will have been shut down for a month due to the reno.

So, here is a list of other places you can visit before that day comes. I promise, they have quality coffee. I would know I drink mine black so I can tell the difference between good coffee and bad.

1. Utica Coffee - Two locations are available to support this locally famous brand. They are located in Utica at 92 Genesee Street and the Village Green in Clinton at 1 West Park Row. They have a wide variety of drinks to get you through your day.

2. Joseph Putrello Coffee - This well designed and stylish coffee stop offers great natural light on the other side of the restaurant, Nostro. They are located at 268 Genesee Street in Downtown Utica, across from the Stanley. It's cool because they give you a glass of water when you're sitting enjoying your cup of "Joe." The seating is great and the windows are huge.

3. Calabria Coffee - This relatively new cafe is located in the middle of the village of New Hartford. There is plenty of seating there and great baked goods too. Try it, you'l like it.

4. Tramontane Cafe - This West Utica staple is a great spot to pop in, hang with friends, get some breakfast and catch a great vibe. They are located across from the Bargain Grocery on Lincoln Avenue. It's just a short drive from downtown.

5. Emerson Avenue Coffee - This brand new cafe is actually in the former home of a longstanding cafe, Cafe Domenico. They sold the business to the new owner a little over a month ago, but people still seem to really like it. So, why not give them a try and support them in their new venutre?

See! There are so many great coffee establishments to indulge at, too many to name. I am sure I missed some. But, just know this. If you can't go without your precious Starbucks for a month, you may save yourself a whole lot of money!

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