Residents of a small town in Central New York are concerned that a large chain store could harm their local business community

Big Chain Store Eyes Small NY Town

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Small town living is a redeeming quality for folks living in the Oneida County Town of Trenton. Many making their way across New York to get to the Adirondacks pass through the tiny town.

Those who stop soon learn Trenton is a very a close knit community.

Now, some residents and property owners are banding together to put a stop to a large chain store that wants to set up shop. They're concerned that it could put a bigger strain on local businesses.

Public Uproar


WIBX has obtained a letter from a property owner in the Town of Trenton sent to members of the planning board in the town. The letter seems to imply that there are plans in the works to bring an over 12,000 square foot Dollar General store to the area.

The letter was written by James Zito, who owns the plaza that houses the current DeSantis Meat Market, Adirondack Beverage, Adirondack Cheese Company and a Family Dollar.

Zito's main concern is the impact a new Dollar General store could have on those locally operated establishments.

Zito writes in the letter:

Our town DOES NOT need another dollar store of that magnitude. The site is totally unacceptable and will have the potential of destroying at the very least the grocery store you so wanted for the area not saying what it would do to Family Dollar also.

The history behind the issue of a grocery store in town stems from a crushing blow felt by the community when the Mapledale Market closed.

Zito states:

When Mapledale Market closed the town tried long and hard to get a grocery store to come to the area. To no avail. We work hand in hand with Mr. DeSantis to make this happen. We gave him and still give him a MUCH cheaper rent so that he can operate his business for the good of our community. So that we could finally have back our local grocery store. What do you think a 12,480 square foot store is going to sell? We heard produce, and all kinds of grocery items already being sold by Mr. DeSantis. This is going to DEVASTATE his business.

He goes on to speak highly of Mr. DeSantis' involvement in local fundraisers and the fact he and his family live here.

Zito's letter comes in lieu of his presence at a public meeting on the matter scheduled for February 19th. Zito claims to speak for several members of the public who stand in opposition to this proposal. If you want to have your voice heard, you can attend the meeting on February 19th.

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