Those who dutifully play New York Lotto's Take 5 should double check their tickets because they may have won themselves a big, fat prize.

Central New York has been pretty lucky when it comes to Take 5 winners as of late.

Recently, a local resident became nearly $7,000 richer after buying a winning ticket from a North Utica smoke shop. Five days later, another resident won over $20 grand after buying their winning ticket from Karl's Market in Utica. Shortly after, a winning $13,000 Take 5 Ticket was sold in Baldwinsville.

Just last week, a $19,000 winning Take 5 ticket was sold in Syracuse.

Credit - Dylan Nolte via Unsplash
Credit - Dylan Nolte via Unsplash

Now, another Central New Yorker has joined the winner's club after purchasing a $32,863 grand prize ticket from the Mirabito on Oneida Street in Oneonta. They pulled the winning numbers: 13, 19, 19, 21, and 33 for the evening drawing on June 17.

The lucky lotto winner has exactly 1 year to claim your winnings. Make sure you hold onto your original ticket and sign the back of it to ensure no one else can try to cash it. Until you're ready to come forward, make sure to keep that winning ticket in a secure location.

Lottery officials encourage winners to schedule an appointment to claim their prize at a Lottery Customer Service Center. Winners can also redeem a prize at a local Prize Claim Center, and this option doesn't mandate an appointment.

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The third, and possibly most risky option, is to mail your ticket to the Lottery. Mailing your ticket in to claim your prize will need the following:

  1.   The winning ticket

  2.   A filled-out Claim Form

  3.   A valid government-issued ID

  4.   A valid Social Security Number or FEIN

Be sure to make a copy of your Claim Form, since there will be a bit of a waiting period before your cash heads your way.

Unfortunately, New York is not a state that allows winners to remain anonymous, so be sure to mentally prepare for that.

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But for those who don't care about their identity being released to the wild and dream of winning big lotto money, there are some places within New York that give you better odds at winning.

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What would you do if you were suddenly $32,000 richer? Let us know by using the station app's chat feature below.

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