If you don't want to ruin your day with a bad cup of coffee, then you should avoid this brand at all costs.

Even the most inexperienced coffee lover agrees a bad cuppa joe can really steal their joy. That is why some coffee lovers will swear off entire brands because they cannot stand the taste.

Coffee drinkers do like to flex their preferences. There are caffeine snobs will only consume "coffee flavored coffee" while some may pledge allegiance to a brand because it's what their grandad use to drink.

There are also some types of coffee that have fallen out of grace, as a new survey has found the six brands Americans avoid drinking the most.

Worst Coffee Brands Sold in New York

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Our friends at 24/7 Wall St. wanted to find out America's most hated coffee brands and were able to determine the top 6 based on declining sales, customer feedback, and quality concerns.

The 6 Most Hated Coffee Brands in America

Everyone has a favorite coffee brand whether they want to admit it or not. Similarly, everyone has a brand they'd rather not drink for the rest of their life.

24/7 Wall St. polled Americans to find out the most hated brands. Keep scrolling to find out if you're drinking one of them.

Gallery Credit: Megan

Personally, I think Folgers stumbled hard because they kept phasing out all their good flavors. I was OBSESSED with Vanilla Biscotti and would stock up on it whenever it was back in stores.

Unfortunately, the brand discontinued the product and now only sells it in K-Cups. Boo!

But I think I know the real reason why Folgers is America's least favorite brand. It's because of THAT infamous Christmas commercial...

The commercial that launched 1,000 memes, right?

Ever since this commercial came out, I can't help but think of this commercial and feel sorry for the people who thought this was the perfect holiday advertisement. While it did leave an indelible mark on our culture, it still leaves a bad taste in many mouths.

Best Coffee Brands in New York?

New York is home to plenty coffee roasters and, even though some may have a higher price point, people are willing to shell out the extra cash because it means supporting a local business.

Exploring Upstate put together a list of coffee roasters operating here in the Empire State.

There are many popular brands here in Central New York, like Utica Coffee Roasting Company as well as Stagecoach Coffee. We want to know which CNY roaster is the best. Sound off in the comments below.

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