One Central New York city has been crowned the snowiest place in all of New York State.

Are you ready for winter? Depending on where you are, you may need more than snow boots and shovels to dig yourself out in the coming months.

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And if you live in this Central New York City, you're likely to receive the most snow out of any other place in the entire state.

Winter Is Coming...

New York is known for either getting slammed or sidelined during the winter. Aside from the bone-chilling temperatures and howling winds - some years have dumped biblical amounts of snow on us while others hardly produced a flake. But which city tends to get the most snow year after year in New York?

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Researchers at Road Snacks compared every city with a population over 5,000 people to determine exactly that. Data was pulled to determine which had the highest annual yearly average of snowfall.

If you think Buffalo or anywhere in the northeastern section of the map have it the worst - think again.Buffalo didn't even crack the top 10 in this latest roundup. Shockingly, a city that's a stone's throw away from Utica was crowned the snowiest place in the Empire State.

In the end, quite a few Central New York localities showed up at the top of this roundup - and every city to make the top ten reportedly has an average annual snowfall of above 108 inches.

The Top 10 Snowiest Cities in New York State

If you love all things winter, then chances are you live in one of these cities. Road Snacks compiled a new list of the state's snowiest places by looking into their annual snowfall rates and determining the average amount.

So hang onto your snow shovels. This list throws some major curveballs - but it's all facts.

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As for the rest of the Empire State, New York City tends to see the least amount of snow with an average annual snowfall rate of 24.4 inches. The city that sees the least amount of snowfall each year is Carle Place, with a whopping average of 20.4 inches.

Rochester sees an average of 85 inches every year while Buffalo receives around 87 inches. Utica beats both cities with an average of 90.8 inches each year, which earned it a 29th place finish.

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As for other Central New York cities, Rome finished in 13th place with an average snowfall of 107.5 inches each year while Oneida occupied 14th place with a final tally of 106.1 inches.

Ilion finished in 17th place, with an average annual snowfall total of 105 inches.

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To see the full list of snowiest places in New York, click HERE.

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