Playing on a sports team in college is something that not everyone does but for the ones that do it can be a very special time. The memories and bonds that are formed from the early morning practices to winning the first game or competition of the season. Unfortunately, this will come to an end for some of the Student Athletes attending Utica University.

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This week, Utica University announced that it would be cutting multiple varsity sports. These sports include men’s and women’s swimming and diving, women’s water polo, and men’s tennis.

The reason number one for this would be the low student involvement. Over the years recruitment numbers have gone down for all the sports effectively and has led to not being able to always field a competitive NCAA roster. The other reason would be the renovation costs of the pool that is currently in the Harold T. Clark Athletic Center. It is said that the renovations to the 50-year-old pool would cost several million dollars.

“In the end, it became increasingly clear that the University cannot offer the kind of competitive experience to student-athletes in these four programs as we do for the more than 600 student-athletes who participate in our other 25 varsity sports. At the same time, it is incumbent upon us as an institution to steward our resources in a way that clearly reflects sustained student interest, making thoughtful investments that yield exceptional experiences for the greatest number of students” said President Laura Casamento

As one alumnus and former student-athlete of Utica University said, "It is sad to see something like this happen to the athletic department and the affected student-athletes. The memories that these programs created for these students will always live on with them and have a great impact on the rest of their lives."

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