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You go into a restaurant. You are sat at a table and given menus. Maybe you scan a QR code and bring up the menu on your phone. Either way, it is expected that you can see what items are offered and the associated cost. I would say this is standard fare.

One restaurant, that is seemingly in Upstate New York, has decided to void this social contract in a rather infuriating way.

reddit user sevenoneSICKs
reddit user sevenoneSICKs

For those unfamiliar, "MP" is saying Market Price.  This is not uncommon for particular items, such as lobster or even chicken wings. Prices have been and will continue to fluctuate.

An entire menu that is market price? That is just absurd.

On any given day, they are requiring their servers to keep all the prices to everything in their heads. How is this fair to the server or good service to their patrons? I am just not sure I want to live in a world where the price of 3 potato skins is so up in the air that we can't commit it to a menu, which by no coincidence, contains advertising for the very printing company that prints said menu. How hard could it be to get them to reprint the menus as necessary? And how often is the price of chocolate milk really that much in doubt?

Reddit users on the "Mildly Infuriating" subreddit seem to agree. User Katastrophyx said "if you can't even tell me how much a cup of coffee is gonna cost me, I'm out." Another user, fluid_bad_1340, opined "Wtf market price is for superior ingredients. These clowns just wanna rip off people"

This seems like the ultimate overcorrect to a problem that doesn't exist, or some weird protest. But if you want to blow off some steam after paying the mystery price, you can always go to Big Shotz Golf's Gun Simulator for a fun time.

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