Been on the hunt for a 5 screw copy of Kung Fu?

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Do you even have a clue what I am talking about?

Well if you are planning on attending Retro Game Con on October 7 and 8, then I bet you do.

What is Retro Game Con?

According to their website

Established in 2013, RetroGameCon is Upstate NY's Video Game Expo!

RGC features special guests, hundreds of exhibitor tables, panel presentations from industry professionals, video game music, tournaments, tabletop games, fantastic art, video game free play, charity events, & more. RGC has grown to be THE largest gaming event in New York State, drawing thousands from the Northeast U.S. & Canada to downtown Syracuse, NY.

RGC celebrates the best in gaming...its art form...its culture...its nostalgia!

This is the kind of thing enthusiasts like me love to see. People coming together who appreciate the same thing. Playing games and making deals with like minded people is a unique experience.

There are guests at the event as well. Huge names in voice acting and online content creators will be on hand to meet enthusiasts.

So what will you be on the lookout for?

I am still trying to fine my original Legend Of Zelda Nintendo Entertainment System game in box with the map. Perhaps this will be the occasion for me to locate this one.

This is a cool event coming to Syracuse. Tickets are available at their website for this 2 day convention to celebrate retro games and gamers and the culture of those who love it.

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