Zoos provide humans with a very unique experience. They give us the opportunity to interact with animals that we would never normally get to see in an environment that usually poses no threat to us or them. Cue your Harambe jokes.

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Zoos connect us to a world greater than us and that is why we enjoy them. And it never seems as though the captive life looks all the uncomfortable. I would not mind hanging out all day while being gawked at and someone feeds me a few times a day. Where do I sign up?

Sometimes, it seems the animals decide to revolt against the good life. Yes, they decide to break out like an old prison movie and attempt to find their freedom. And one such escapee has been making the headlines recently because the attempts to bring them back into captivity have been called off.

Flaco has been on the loose for over two weeks. This owl has been stumping those trying to recover him and get him back to the Central Park Zoo all this time as there is some concern. You see, animals in captivity get rather used to their life and some of their base instincts go dormant. The concern for Flaco was now that he was on his own, he would be unable to provide for himself.

The concern has been unfounded as Flaco has been seen hunting for himself. The rats of Central Park make a pretty decent meal for this own and those who have been tracking him and trying to return him are colling off the recovery mission. They will continue to monitor him, and should they see any decrease in his self-sufficiency, they will make efforts to bring him back in again.

Fly Free Flaco.

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