Thursday saw the start of the 2023 major league baseball season but for many average New Yorkers, seeing their favorite team in action in person will only be a dream because the price to attend a game is so out of reach for so many.

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The average price for a ticket to a baseball game is about $35 but when we start talking about better-performing teams, like the New York Yankees, that price almost doubles to $60.

$60 for a single ticket to a New York Yankees game might not sound like a lot, but let's say you take your significant other and two of your kids for a day out at the ballpark - you're instantly looking at $240 for four tickets and that isn't even factoring in taxes and such.

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What happens after you buy your tickets? You've got to pay for parking, right? And how much is the parking at Yankee Stadium? That would be $25 to $35, depending on where you park. So, your $240 is now $260.

The kids get hungry and you and your other half get thirsty.

Hot dogs are about $5.75 each so that's $23 for four hotdogs and another $10 for two bottles of water and $12 for two beers. Cha-ching! You're up to $305 and you haven't even visited the Pro Shop, paid for gas, or paid for tolls.

$305 for a day in the ballpark might not sound like a whole lot but when there are families struggling to figure out how they're going to keep the lights on because the electric bills are obnoxious and then they're scrambling to come up with the money for spring sports and gas to get the kids to and from practice and all of the other daily life expenses it adds up.

Sure, the players have to get paid, and stadiums need to be maintained but enjoying one of America's greatest pastimes has become too out of reach for the average person and that's a shame.

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