Love it or hate it, most people wish for at least a little bit of snow on Christmas Day because it adds a touch of sparkle to an already magical day.

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Townsquare Media reached out to Brian Donegan, an Upstate New York resident and Senior Digital Meteorologist at FOX Weather with the question that is on virtually every New Yorker's mind right now...” Will we have a white Christmas this year?”

According to Donegan, the chances are pretty slim thanks to temperatures in the region being expected to remain above average for the remainder of December.

We can thank the ongoing El Niño climate pattern for bringing in mild air from the Pacific Ocean that will cover much of the United States. Donegan says that as a result, the absence of arctic air will make it difficult for significant snowfall in the upcoming weeks leading up to Christmas.

El Niño and Its Impact on Winter Weather

El Niño, characterized by warmer-than-usual temperatures in the equatorial Pacific Ocean, affects weather patterns globally, including in Upstate New York. The current El Niño climate pattern is contributing to the influx of mild air from the Pacific Ocean, which is anticipated to dominate the region for the rest of December. As a result, temperatures are predicted to remain above average, making it challenging for snowfall to accumulate.

Snowfall and White Christmas Outlook for Upstate New York

The possibility of a white Christmas, defined as having at least one inch of snow on the ground on December 25th, is very low for Upstate New York this year. While there may be scattered flurries and light snow showers, it is unlikely they will result in any kind of substantial snow accumulation.

Christmas Travel and Winter Weather Disruptions for Upstate New York

On the positive side, the lack of significant snow and ice brings relief for holiday travelers. With minimal snowfall expected, travel disruptions due to snowstorms or icy conditions will be less likely. This is good news for those planning to visit family and friends as the weather conditions should not pose significant challenges on the roads or at airports.

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