What a weird winter it's been so far in New York. 50 degrees with sunshine one day and 20 degrees and raining ice the next day.

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When the winter weather hits, we need snow and ice removal and a ton of “hacks” to make getting both off your car and driveway easier. But what really works and what doesn't? Glad you asked because here are the answers.

Pickle Juice

Who would have thought that pickle juice could be the secret weapon in your de-icing arsenal? According to National Geographic, brine is like rock salt and can melt at low temperatures. This makes it a great way to melt the ice off windshield. Some places have even tested using pickle juice mixed with salt brine on roadways for snow removal. It may leave a lot of red stains, it's worth a try!

Cooking Oil

If you're not a fan of pickle juice, give cooking oil or spray can a try. Put it on your shovel for an oily coating, and watch as the snow slides off more easily. It's a simple hack for smoother snow removal.

Rubbing Alcohol

Let's talk about rubbing alcohol. Mixing hot water, dish soap, and rubbing alcohol can be a great way to clear your icy steps and sidewalks. The lower freezing point of alcohol can help stop the refreezing. Be aware because some testers have reported mixed results with this hack.

Plastic Bags

When it comes to keeping your feet warm and dry while shoveling, here's a different kind of hack that's popular with fishermen . It's wearing plastic bags around your socks! This insulation can stop snow from getting into your boots and keep your feet warm and dry while shoveling. Say goodbye to cold and wet socks!

Waterless Spray

Let's talk about salt on your car. If your car is looking like it took a joyride through a salt mine, fear not. A waterless car wash spray can be a game-changer. Spray it on a rag and wipe away the salt and road grime stains. You'll have your car's shine back in no time. You could also use a ceramic sealant or spray wax to stop future build-up.

Cover Up

TikTok has given us a surprising hack worth mentioning – covering your windshield during a snowstorm. Sounds strange, right? Users found out that using a bath towel, carpet, cardboard, or a shower curtain to cover the windshield can prevent snow and ice from sticking. When you remove it, you'll be left with a clear windshield.

NO to Hot Water

Not all hacks are created equal. Don't pour hot water directly on your car's windshield because the quick change in temperature could make it to crack or shatter. Also, using a hot water-filled Ziploc bag to rub on your icy windshield is a no-go. The glass just can't handle the fast temperature change.

Avoid Potatoes

Oh, and that potato hack? It turns out to be nothing more than a myth. Rubbing your windshield with a cut potato to prevent snow from sticking will not work. So, it's best to save the potatoes for your next meal.

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