While many employees working at home through COVID have since returned onsite, there are still others who can be employed from the comfort of their own home. The circumstances at the time lead some employers to downsize their work site and location, or allowed others to utilize a simple laptop for their work.

But when you factor in employees who travel a lot, to even the price and availability of good wi-fi, how accommodating is it really to work from home? Is working from home in New York any better than working at home from other states?

The Department of Labor's data, posted by the New York Times, says that 72.5 percent of businesses claim their employees rarely or never teleworked in 2022, though other sources say many Americans are still working remotely.

According to statistics conducted by WFH Group, and printed by Bloomberg, remote work costs Manhattan $12.4 billion a year.

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The Numbers

WalletHub compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across two key dimensions, “Work Environment” and “Living Environment.” Everything from household internet access to retail price of electricity was considered.

Source: WalletHub

Is New York a Good State For Remote Workers? 

New York state's ranking was right in the middle of the pack at 25th overall. What probably kept New York down was the high cost of electricity and some cybersecurity issues. Overall, Delaware as ranked best for remote work and Alaska was last.

Connecticut was 4th, New Jersey 5th, Massachusetts 11th, and Pennsylvania 18th.

Is New York State the Best Place For a Summer Road Trip?

New York state has hundreds of miles of unique scenery, with plenty of forests, mountains, and state parks to visit here in the coming months. But is it really the best state for a road trip? The experts have weighed in, and this is what they found.


When the factors in a WalletHub study were taken into consideration, it looks like New York did quite well. And while a category such as safety may make some living here not believe these findings, New York state ranked #1 overall when it came to the best states for a road trip.

Some metrics of safety that were ranked include; quality of roads, low car thefts per 1,000 residents, and traffic-related fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles traveled.

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