Did that relative of yours never received the cash you sent them in the mail? Maybe the gift cards you sent for the holidays never made it? A postal worker from New York state has admitted to authorities that they took cash and gift cards from mail recipients.

This follows an investigation that dates back two years, says The Post Standard  

Tampering with mail is a federal offense, and the penalties can be stiff.

Back in 2021, a 25 year-old postal worker admitted to dumping 5,833 pieces of mail over a six month period, between January 1 and July 24, 2019. CBS reported that the mail ended up all scattered about in the village of Sharon Springs, NY.

Postal Worker In New York Stole items From Mail 

The Standard reports that a 40-year-old Rochester woman has plead guilty theft of mail by an officer or employee of the U.S. Postal Service. the Postal Service started getting complaints as far back as late 2021, that their mail was being tampered with.

A investigatigation was launched in early 2022, and it was determined that the suspect items were all from her route. The Post Standard says that Assistant U.S. Attorney Kyle P. Rossi found that the suspect "routinely opened envelopes and parcels, removing items such as ticket stubs, documents, cash, lottery tickets, and gift cards, on dozens of occasions."

The Standard says that the suspect was arrested in November 2023, after “mail integrity tests” put cards with cash and gift cards in the mail that she was supposed to deliver on her route.

The suspect is facing up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

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