New York State to many is the greatest place on Earth, the "be all, end all" and in many ways that is rightfully so. In its totality, New York is one of the most diverse states and has something that can entice just about anyone whether you prefer the bright lights of the big city or the small town vibe you get throughout the Hudson Valley and upstate.

Recently though, a new study has revealed that New York ranks quite high on a not so flattering list. That list would be of states with statistically the "most careless cooks".

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Determining the Most Careless Cooks

This recently published list and study of state rankings of the most careless cooks analyzed a number of factors in its determinations. The list and study was put together by Claimguide, a site that provides professional help for people who need guidance in the world of insurance.

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One of the main rules that contributed to Claimguide calculating its numbers on "careless cooks" was based on population. By their own words...

states with high-density cities, multifamily apartments and cramped and high-traffic kitchens prove more susceptible to cooking fire incidents.


In ranking the states Claimguide analyzed the number of "average cooking fires per year, cooking fires per 100,000 residents and percent of residential fires caused by cooking". Those numbers revealed that New York ranks second (2nd) only behind Massachusetts for state with the most careless cooks. In total, New York State averaged 30,703 cooking fires per year, that's 156 fires per 100,00 residents.

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The full list of rankings, numbers and the full study can be viewed here

U.S Counties with Most Careless Cooks

Given that New York State ranked so highly in overall states with most careless cooks, it only would make sense that New York would also be a place that's home to some careless counties.

In fact, the study shows that New York is home to 2 of the top 5 counties with the most careless cooks. Those counties were New York County ranking number 2, where again NYC and its density carried a lot of weight with the numbers and Westchester County coming in at number 4. The number 1 county was Suffolk County in Massachusetts.

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New York State also had one more entrant inside the top 20 most careless counties. That county would be Monroe County clocking in at number 11.

The full study goes on detail a variety of number factors tied to the states and counties with the most careless cooks. Most notably the financial impact that fires started from cooking cause on average every year as well as "bad habits" that some people have while cooking which contributes to the start of fires.

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On average after tallying all states numbers together, fires that were started from the act of cooking cause just under $478,000,000 in property loss and damages per year.

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