Did you know that the color you pick out when you get a cellphone says a lot about your personality?

When it comes to picking out a cell phone most of us pick out a phone that has all the features we like to use. Things like a great camera, plenty of storage, and crystal clear screen but did you know that the color of the phone you pick out says a lot about the type of person you are?


What Does the Color of Your Phone Say About You?

I bet you had no idea that the color of the phone you are walking around with today says a lot about the type of person you are. According to Virginia psychologist and color theorist Kate Smith, the color of your phone shares with the world the type of things you like, if you are self-assured, or if you're an attention seeker.

According to the website Mac Daily News here's what type of person you are based off of the color of your cell phone...

Red Phones

Most people that pick out a red phone are what Smith called "attention-seekers". They are mostly folks that place strong value in their opinions and are extremely outgoing.

Black Phones

Powerful black as some call it can usually be found in the hand of someone who is full of self-assuredness. The classic and classy black phone also signifies reserved strength.

Yellow Phones

Anyone who chooses a yellow phone usually chooses it because they associate the color with uplifting feelings. Some say yellow phones also can signify a mood-boosting effect according to Smith.

Lavender Phones

Folks carrying a lavender phone appreciate life's complexity and are the ones that are heavily influenced by pop culture.

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Green Phone

The color green is the smartest color choice according to Smith, who says that green indicates intelligence. It also says that owners are "community-focused".

Blue Phones

Most blue phone owners are considered trustworthy or may want to be seen as trustworthy according to Smith. Blue phone owners are also likely to daydream often.

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