There are so many great things about attending professional baseball games, and specifically, going to games at Yankee Stadium.

On any given night, you can watch some of the best baseball players in the world --- Aaron Judge, Gerrit Cole and the newly-acquired Juan Soto to name a few --- compete against their peers for victory.

While they battle on the field, you can grab a hot dog, and a cold beer, and cheer on your favorite team. It's a glorious way to spend a night, and a true privilege as a sports fan.

That said, when you do attend games, you may want to leave these items at home, no matter how harmless they may seem to those around you.

You Can't Bring These Ten Items Inside Yankee Stadium for Home Games

As all other Major League Baseball teams do, the New York Yankees have a list on their website of prohibited items, items that fans cannot bring inside Yankee Stadium when attending games.

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Some of the items on the list are obvious. You can't bring firearms or drugs, and you can't wear any visible obscene, indecent or inappropriate clothing. You also can't bring any of your own alcohol, despite all of the money it may save you.

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Those are the obvious items that are prohibited, but there are other items on the list besides those. Scroll below to see ten of the most bizarre items that, despite your most passionate protests, you will not be allowed to bring inside Yankee Stadium.

Ten Bizarre Items You Cannot Bring Into New York Yankees' Games

If you bring any one of these items to Yankee Stadium on gameday, you're going to be sent home...or, to the nearest trash can.

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