As a New Yorker I am offended by what people are choosing to put on their wings.

Chicken wings are some of my favorite appetizers in the world. I even enjoy eating them as a full meal and there is only one way to have them - buffalo sauce and blue cheese (if you feel like dipping them). However there is a new ranking list that suggests most American prefer a different sauce and it disgusts me.

To be fair, I am disgusted by this particular dipping sauce no matter what. This report, however, suggests that people want their wings smothered in it and that just seems so wrong to me on so many levels.

Ranch sauce


What the actual hell is wrong with people? Yes, Ranch is the number one sauce for dipping wings according to a survey done by Betway ahead of the NBA finals.

To be clear - I think people were confused by the question because ranch was ranked number one for wings followed by BBQ and then Buffalo. There should be no contest that Buffalo should be number one for chicken wings. Blue cheese didn't even make the list if you can believe that.

The Rankings


I can't imagine people tossing their wings in nothing but ranch so like I said, I don't know if I can trust these results.

I'd also like to call into question the people who are choosing to dip their chips into straight sour cream. Even if it's nachos, you don't just go with just sour cream. It has to be a combo of that and some sort of salsa.

If you are one of the people choosing ranch over blue cheese - please see a mental health professional because you're not well.

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