Closed in 2011, the Mid-Orange Correctional Facility in Warwick, NY sits vacated, unless a few brave souls dare take a tour and walk through its supposedly very haunted hallways.

Located about two hours south of Albany, it was originally used as a reform school for troubled boys and became an actual adult prison in 1979. It remained as such until 2011 when it was shut down.

Now known as the "Prison of Horrors" they do walk-thru's and tours for those seeking some frightening, paranormal fun.

"Our haunts may be an act, but the fear is real- and, for those lucky few, so are the ghosts. Come stay with us awhile, will you? But be careful when you leave us… for fear is infectious"

According to GhosthuntUSA, "The paranormal activity you experience may just blow your mind! Activity at this location includes apparitions, electrical disturbances, shadow figures, being physically touched, disembodies voices, and footsteps."

A few years back, Jessica Hall from Slate Hill, NY did a ghost tour inside this dilapidated building with her son and his best friend as a gift for her son's 15th birthday, and the experience did not disappoint.

"Both of the boys experienced something tapping them on the back in two different locations while we were exploring. Another group that was exploring stated that a door slammed in one of the buildings they were checking out," she explained.

Jessica was also kind enough to share the photos she took that night inside the Mid-Orange Correctional Facility in Warwick, NY.

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