Some major retailers are rethinking self-checkout technology.

Many of us have a love-hate relationship with self-checkout. When there is no line, equipment is running smoothly, and maybe you just have an item or 2, it can be effective. But how often does the smooth, quick operation take place?

Many times a machine will be down, an item won't scan, or you have to wait for someone to check an ID if you are buying beer. Most of the time, a checkout cashier is simply faster and more efficient to get you on your way! This frustration that shoppers often get is being heard loud and clear by some of the nation's biggest retailers who utilize self-checkout technology.

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Some Walmart's Have Removed Self-Checkouts - Could NY Follow?

Could the removal of self-checkouts in favor of real cashiers happen locally? It could become a reality. Earlier this month CNN reported that major retailers like Walmart, Costco, and Wegman's have "revised their self-checkout strategies" due to customer dissatisfaction. Click Orlando also reports that self-checkout also leads to "higher merchandise losses," another major reason for retailers to rethink how these machines are used.

A month earlier, KQRE in Albuquerque reported that 2 local WalMarts had already done away with self-checkout lanes as part of an effort to improve the shopping experience. So an effort is being made to help frustrated shoppers, but is complete removal the right move? KQRE did add t that after self-checkouts were removed some local Walmart shoppers faced longer waits when buying only a few items.

Only time will tell exactly what changes will come to New York. I think the solution is much simpler than removing them! Just leave the self-checkout lanes in service, and maybe just get some live bodies back in all the EMPTY cashier lanes that never seem to be in use at WalMart and the big box stores in general! That way, shoppers get the best of both worlds and a choice, which will create the best shopping experience!

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