For over ten years, The Soda Fountain in Remsen delighted Central New Yorkers with its vibrant and nostalgic décor, designed to transport patrons back to the charming ambiance of 1950s retro diners.


The Soda Fountain first opened for business in 2008 as a heartfelt endeavor by owners Steve and Lynn Boucher, who were driven by a desire to establish a fun gathering place in their hometown.

Unfortunately running the restaurant became more than the couple was willing to handle, as their attention was drawn to other interests. In the wake of the pandemic, The Soda Fountain's future became uncertain, and it operated sporadically at best.

Now the entire contents of the restaurant are going up for sale, in an auction set to take place on Tuesday, October 3rd, according to So if you're a business owner yourself, or have aspirations to own your own retro diner someday, you could potentially pick up some really sweet deals here.

Check out the gallery below for everything going up for sale, or read more details about the auction here.

Everything from The Soda Fountain in Remsen is Up for Auction

The Soda Fountain in Remsen held a special place in the hearts of Central New Yorkers, but now everything within its walls is for sale.

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