It's not a name that you hear everyday in the Hudson Valley.

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Just when I think I've heard it all around here. Really, something always seems to come up that surprises me. I was looking at some places to check out in Sullivan County and I had to triple check what came up while looking. One of the hamlets that came up was Long this some kind of prank? Really? Long Eddy is a real hamlet?

Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

Of course I had to find out more. Long Eddy is a hamlet that's located in Sullivan and Delaware Counties. As far as the specific location goes Long Eddy is located along New York State Route 97 and the Delaware River. Something pretty interesting about it is that Long Eddy is in the westernmost corner of the county. Maybe you have driven it near it before?

Yes, I have learned that it is a real place now.

According to sources,Long Eddy has a hotel with a bar (i'd hope a bar), a historical society, fire station, public free river landing, post office and zip code, You wonder what it's like living there and the hamlet probably has one of  the coolest name ever.

The big question is....who was Eddy?

Do you know anyone who lives or has lived in Long Eddy New York? What's it like there? Share the details with us on the station app.

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