Identity theft is happening to someone almost every minute of every day. There are many things that you can do to help keep yourself from becoming a victim. There are things you can do, such as freezing your credit, never buying anything online and paying cash for everything.

While that might be successful for one or two people, back here on planet Earth that just is not a realistic way to go for most. Here are a few things that you shouldn't keep in your wallet, that way, if anything happens to your wallet, you are less likely to get your identity stolen.

What things should you never keep in your wallet?

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One of the first things that you should take out of your wallet (immediately) is your Social Security Card. That is an invitation to have your identity and your credit stolen. The only time you need to take it out of the house is for when you get a new job and have to fill out the paperwork or head to a government office. Otherwise, keep it home and locked up if you can.

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Should you keep credit cards and receipts in your wallet?

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Go ahead and keep the one credit card you use the most, and make sure to get any receipts out of your wallet as soon as you get home that day. If you have store cards, like Home Depot or Old Navy, keep those cards at home until you know you are headed there. If the occasion arises that you need to use that card and it is too much of a hassle go to the customer service counter or at the checkout, tell them you left your card at home. They'll ask for ID and then they will make sure you can buy whatever you want on the store card. 

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Do Passports or Passport Cards belong in your wallet?

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Your Passport, Passport ID Card or your Global Entry Card are in your wallet? Ask yourself this, are you going on a trip in the next 24-hours where you would need to show it at a point of entry into another country? Odds are you aren't. Keep it at home in the lock box.

Do you keep a copy of your birth certificate in your wallet or your purse?

Why would you do this? Are you needing to prove something to anyone? Are you going to apply for a Passport? Fill out government paperwork or try to immigrate to another country? Then you don't need this. Leave it at home in the lock box.

Go ahead and go through the wallet, get everything out that you don't see yourself using on even a weekly basis and remember that most places can easily access your information with just your photo ID. So, leave everything at home that you can. Added bonus? It makes it lighter to carry!

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