Actress Jane Lynch, who plays the tracksuit-wearing antagonist Sue Sylvester on ‘Glee,’ was the guest mentor on tonight’s (July 10) episode of ‘The Glee Project.’ Since Lynch embodies all that is fearless, she was the perfect advisor, since the theme of the ep was fearlessness. Who better to teach the remaining “wannaglees” a thing or two about conquering that of which they are scared?

Before the contestants launched into their homework assignment, which was a rendition of Heavy D‘s ’90s rap anthem ‘Now That We Found Love,’ Lynch advised them, “Relish fearful opportunities. Anything you feel fear about turns out to be the best moment of your life.” The song is a fast-paced, pop-rap jam, something the group has not yet tried. They took Lynch’s words to heart and embraced what they feared.

Lynch also joked that like her hard-nosed ‘Glee’ character, “I will be judging you harshly.” She quickly rescinded, saying, “No I won’t. I will be judging you from my heart. I want you to succeed.” Aw, she’s a softie underneath all that polyester.

Lynch enjoyed the performance and thought it was fun, and noted that the kids were having fun. She felt Aylin was fantastic, treating her performance like an acting lesson. Lily made Lynch laugh, demanding her attention with her moves. She felt that Nellie held back too much, but we already know that’s her thing. She holds back too much.

Lynch ultimately selected Lily as the winner, which caused Aylin to be pissed off since she felt she deserved a one-on-one sesh with Lynch. Girl’s getting cocky…

In the one-on-one, Lynch told Lily she chose her since she reminded her of a young version of herself. She also told the hopeful to know and to learn when approaching roles.