'Teen Mom' star Jenelle Evans is supposed to be in a delicate condition but that hasn't stopped her from having a dirty mouth nor has it forced her to behave. The reality star, who is pregnant with her second child, was arrested yesterday (Dec. 14) for breaching the peace. How did she do that?

Easy. With her potty mouth...during an argument...with her boyfriend Nathan Griffiths.

Never a dull moment in Jenelle Evans' world.

Evans was arrested in South Carolina after cops were called to her residence on two different instances for the same offense -- loudly fight with her man.

Her BF told the authorities that the temperamental reality star locked him out of the residence during a fight. He wisely went for a walk to take the edge off and cops left. However, they quickly returned to the scene after he had climbed into the house through a window. Evans locked herself in the bathroom as a result.

Wait, it gets better...or worse, according to TMZ.

Cops thought they had diffused the sitch when all of the sudden, Evans began to spew a stream of colorful language outside and wouldn't stop. That's when she was arrested for breach of the peace.

Since Evans is on probation, she is staring down jail time if convicted on this charge.

She was in custody for an hour and then released.

While Evans is expecting her second child --no peace in the womb for the poor kid, who's been to jail before being born-- her mother retains custody of her son Jace, 4. Due to that fact and her latest arrest, it's hard not to find her parenting skills questionable. Evans need to shape up and fly right.

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