A 32-year-old woman from Upstate NY was arrested when she tried to enroll in high school...again.

High school must have been a really good time for a woman who tried to pass herself off as a 15-year-old homeless student in order to enroll in the Cairo-Durham School District. Officials became suspicious, and the police were contacted. The woman was arrested.

Authorities say the woman already had a high school degree, so her motives for enrolling were a little unclear. Maybe she just missed the social scene.

High school has its pros and cons:

  • Pro: You don't have too many "adult" things to worry about - like taxes and bills.
    Con: You have to worry about wearing the right clothes and sitting with the right people at lunch.
  • Pro: Your main responsibility is doing your homework and passing tests.
    Con: You'll have to pass high school algebra again, and we know you haven't used that in a while.
  • Pro: Lunch is pretty inexpensive and provided every day.
    Con: You're not sure you want to eat that lunch - what IS that meat, anyway?

Here's the thing - high school was a good time because most of us didn't need to worry about bills, or taxes, or careers...we just had to survive.

Would you go back to high school if you could? 

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