Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are reportedly interested in buying the New York Mets.

According to Variety, the power couple, who are estimated to be worth $750 million, might become the latest celebrities to own a sports franchise after sources revealed they joined forces with JPMorgan Chase "to raise capital for a possible bid" on the baseball team.

The Wilpon family, who currently owns the Mets, is looking to sell right away as they were in previous negotiations to sell 80 percent of the team in December. After the deal fell through, the singer and retired baseball player expressed interest as potential new buyers.

TMZ also reports that despite Rodriguez's lack of business experience, he has a vision for the "mismanaged" Mets and plans to use his "people manager" skills to inspire players.

In March, Rodriguez confirmed his interest in buying the team on The Tonight Show, telling host Jimmy Fallon that "if the opportunity came up, I would certainly look at it."

"Here's what it is: I love New York City," he explained. "A lot of people don't know this, but growing up I was a big Mets fan. And with the exception of my daughters' birth, both of them, the best years of my life were 1986 and 2009 when we [the Yankees] won."

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