Jennifer Loran is the newest member of the Super Mom Squad. She shares the story of her solution to a missing shoe that went really wrong.

Every mom has had one of those days - you forget to pick the kids up from practice, you drop your son off at a birthday party after it ends - whatever. We feel terrible, we feel guilty, and we feel like the only mom that's ever made such a mistake. Baloney! It's time to take back the #momfail and celebrate those mistakes - when something goes wrong, it just makes you part of a Super Mom Squad - along with every mom who screwed up while trying her best.

Jennifer Loran of Whitesboro tells her #momfail story:

Do your kids refuse to put their shoes on like my son? Sometimes I end up just throwing the shoes in the car and we put them on when we get where we are going. This particular trip was a visit to the dentist's office. The night before my son had removed his shoes and left them in the car. I peaked in the back seat, saw a sneaker was there so thought "We're good", buckled up and took him to the dentist office. When we arrived, I opened the back door picked up the right shoe and helped him put it on. The problem arose when I couldn't find the left shoe. It wasn't there! My son complained to go back home to get it and refused to go into the dentist's office without his other shoe. He whined and whined, but there was not enough time before the appointment. So, I came up with a plan! I told him to hop on the right foot, the one with the shoe, and pretend his other foot was hurt so it would make sense that he didn't have a shoe on it. We were out of time, so he complied. When we got into the office all the hygienists felt bad and asked him "What happened to your foot?" He smirked at me and said, "Mom hurt my foot." He did get an extra toy out of the toy chest that day, so turned out pretty good for him. Epic mom fail for me! #putonyourshoes #momfail

Welcome to the Super Mom Squad, Jennifer! You're also the winner of a $200 gift card to Kinney Drugs. Kinney carries anything you need to keep your mom game at it's best. I don't think they sell shoes, though.

Congratulations, Jennifer - you're a great mom.


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