Tourists are flocking to the Utica Zoo to see the Red Panda exhibit, and a contestant on Jeopardy recently drove all the way from the Bronx to see these special little guys. 

To watch the Jeopardy clip, click HERE courtesy of WKTV.

Just how popular are the the cute Red Pandas at the Utica Zoo? According to WKTV:

The executive director of the Utica Zoo says the panda exhibit is very popular.  In fact, it's booked for the next several weekends.  The zoo director says people come from all over the country and the world to see their panda exhibit.

Ian Waldie/Getty Images

The Red Pandas were born last July, and the proud parents, Muse, and Ming Yue, are still celebrating these little bundles of joy.  The Red Panda population is considered an endangered species. The animals also go by the names: "Red Bear-Cats," and "Red Cat-Bears."


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