Among the new shows coming to us from NBC is ‘Chicago Fire,’ which we can only assume is trying to fill a hole in the firemen-centered drama category that FX’s ‘Rescue Me’ just couldn’t. If you check out the new video promo, though, you can tell right away that this might become your new favorite guilty pleasure courtesy of Jesse Spencer… and to a lesser extent Taylor Kinney.

Watch the NBC First Look of ‘Chicago Fire’

Ha! We’re just kidding. Kind of. Kinney certainly steams up the screen with his ab rack and numerous shirtless moments, but Spencer is Australian and has a gentlemanly air about him that makes you want to tear off those fireman suspenders. Sorry, we got a little carried away for a second.

We loved watching this guy in ‘Uptown Girls’ with Brittany Murphy and as the half-naked Olympian Tony Fingleton in ‘Swimming Upstream’ — oh, yeah, and he was in ‘House,’ too — but did you know that he’s also a musician? Yup, he plays violin in the group Band From TV with his ‘House’ co-star Hugh Laurie. We don’t think Kinney can do that.

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