Jim Brickman is set to tour the states again and I chatted with him this morning about his latest adventure!

Are you tuning in Every Sunday at 9am, for "You're Weekend" with Jim Brickman? Well you definitely should! His show features celebrity guests, and high profile entertainers. His down to earth and witty personality is sure to put a smile on your face!

I had the pleasure of meeting with Jim while I was living in Nashville. He gave me a backstage glimpse at what he does to prepare for his live performances. He also introduced me to his hardworking band mates. It seems to me, Jim is working 24/7! He's either performing on stage, engaging his radio audience, meeting his fans, producing new music, writing songs, or touring the nation!

Jim's latest cd/book combo is called Soothe. He'll be making stops at Barnes & Nobles all throughout the nation. It's free to the public and he'll be doing a live reading from his book. If you got a chance to see Jim at the Turning Stone last year you got treated to a very special, one of a kind performance. I had a chance to catch up with him this morning.

Here's that conversation!

Just Jen and I chatted about Jim's latest adventure too!