It was a beautiful sunny day in May of 1996, Mother's Day 1996 to be exact, when the whole family gathered to salute my mother. We were standing outside, getting ready to hop into a couple of cars for trip to her favorite restaurant for Mother's Day dinner when I handed her a card and a cassette tape.

"What's this?" she asked. "Oh just a little song I put on a tape for you to listen to when you're driving around. It makes me think of you." I said. "I've got to listen to it right now!" she exclaimed. I said, "naaaah, it's like five minutes long, you don't have to do it now." Well, that didn't stop mom.  I blushed, thinking she'd find the song odd, silly or funny, but after sitting in that car for the whole five minutes, she came exited the car teary-eyed and gave me a big hug. This was a hug that I'll never forget.

We lost mom the next year so this gift really has a special meaning for me. I'm not trying to make you sad, but I am trying to share a memory that you can do as well. Get mom near a computer or a phone and push play for a lasting Mother's Day memory.

If you're the son of a mom who raised a couple of boys, please feel free to share this special song with her from the late Jimmy Dean...yeah, the breakfast sausage guy. This song may bring a tear to your eyes as well. Happy Mother's Day weekend!