Mother's Day is May 12th.  Need some gift ideas?  Here's what moms don't want for Mother's Day this year.


The Albany Times Union did a story on what moms do and don't hope to get on their big day. surveyed a thousand American moms to get the scoop on what definitely not to give!

50% of moms don't want to go out to eat for Mother's Day.  The other half of moms who do want to eat out don't want to have to get all dressed up.

90% do not want a "World's Best Mom" gift.  Unfortunately for them, 73% have gotten exactly that.

67% of moms don't want flowers for Mother's Day.  Survey says 73% have been given flowers for their special day.

Only 15% of moms want electronics for Mother's Day.

This one shocks me.  16% of moms surveyed don't want to spend time with their children or hear from them on Mother's Day.  What's up with that?

There you have it.  Take it for what it's worth.  I, for one, would be happy to get dressed up to go out to eat, spend time with my children, enjoy some beautiful flowers while holding my "World's Best Mom" card.  Happy Mother's Day!