PopCrush is reporting that Jive Records has dropped former ‘American Idol’ runner up David Archuleta, who squared off against and eventually lost to David Cook during Season 7.

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Archuleta, 20, was released from his label most likely due to poor sales of his latest album ‘The Other Side of Down.’  The album sold only 67,000 copies (to date), possibly due to none of the songs catching fire on radio. It’s a huge sales shrinkage compared to his 2008 self-titled debut, which was certified Platinum.

In a bit of unintentional prophecy, the ‘Crush’ singer reflected on his time on ‘Idol’ with The Hollywood Reporeter: “I was just wondering what’s the future going to be like? How hard is it going to be? Am I going to be able to handle it all? I think part of that stress is good because it keeps you focused.”

I used to have a lady every night call and request Dave, all I can say is good luck Dave!